Poetree & Percussion Workshop

Poetree & Percussion Workshop

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One hour workshop to learn techniques to bring the excitement and focus of percussion and poetry to your classroom. Using wordplay, creative writing, movement, beats and performance techniques students and teachers gain group focusing and creative output elements by interacting with the facilitator, Ayla Heeds. Ayla is a trained educator, mother and spoken word artist. 

( Please contact to discuss if you'd like to order drums for a group.)

Due to COVID-19, all workshops will be held online via Google Meets. Once registered for the workshop, a link will be emailed to you for your requested date and time. The workshop provided will be geared towards your individual needs, as requested in the registration email you'll receive upon registration.

Pease send an inquiry to us if you're thinking of booking this workshop for a group. If you are a teacher and would like to learn the techniques to deliver this workshop in your classroom feel free to book the workshop and simply show up at the time with the google meets link you'll receive. Ideally bring a drum! They can easily be rented from Long and McQuade if you don't have one or you can use even a large pot or an large empty water jug used for water coolers.