Digital Detox Canada membership: The Offline Club

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Join this club for one month, to be renewed by request.

This subscription will NOT renew automatically. You can learn all about it in the video.

Also please note: We are going to pay you to promote this club as well so anyone you recommend to the membership will be rewarded. That means you can simply go offline and sign people up. No online work necessary. Once in a while you can tune in to the lessons, the workshops, the discussions, podcasts, visual inspirations and receive the physical gifts we'll send in the mail and challenges we'll promote on social media. The online activity will fuel the engagement in the offline world. But you can simply go offline now and reap the benefits of spreading the good news now if you like. The great part is, if you are doing something that is primarily an offline activity I can help reward you financially for that effort. There is also a free membership to learn more about that. Please sign up here: