Meet Angela Heeds

Hi, I am Angela. I love language and have always written poems. In my 20s I started performing them and soon added drumming into the mix as well as other instruments, theatre and movement techniques, audience participation, comedy and dance. 
My day job is as an English as a Second Language teacher, which I love. I am also now leading workshops on the subject of Digital Detox - the good, the bad and the ugly!

Additionally I am a Social Media Consultant & Wordpress Web Developer - I believe in creating the world we want to live in through better social media engagement. I am a lifelong learning enthusiast, excited about e-learning and learning through theatre, movement and emotional connection.
I am comfortable in the classroom, on stage or the camera and behind the scenes. I put strategies and programs together & make sure they happen. I write unstoppable slogans & memorable memes. Experienced with volunteer management & every kind of fundraising including crowdfunding. Interested in wholistic, healthy living, the green economy, sustainability, and 3D printing among other things.