Dear Journal, It's Me Little Darlenie
Dear Journal, It's Me Little Darlenie
Dear Journal, It's Me Little Darlenie

Dear Journal, It's Me Little Darlenie

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Dear Journal, It’s Me Little Darlenie” is a story of how a little indigenous girl fights for survival from her many abusers, the first being at the hands of her own mother, the victim of Lejac residential school. 

In this book, Darlene shares her story of growing up in an alcoholic home and takes you on her journey from birth to the age of 18.  It documents her childhood years surviving harrowing, life threatening, soul crushing abuse until she meets her knight in shining armour who rescues her and shows her a better life…or does he?

The first of three books, it seems Little Darlenie will never survive her abusers, but she does.  In her adult years, Darlene takes her story and turns it into a positive one to help others.  She teaches us to never be afraid to ask for help and never give up hope.  There is a way out, to a better life.


Praise for Darlene

"Darlene is an engaging storyteller and eloquent speaker. I learnt more of her personal story of pain, resilience and sheer will in overcoming what could have been crippling circumstances. Instead of seeing them as weights to hold her back, she used the darkness to give her momentum into bringing hope and inspiration to others. She used herself as a beacon of light to help others navigate any challenges they might be facing. She is a powerhouse… and…has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands find life-saving resources to survive challenging times. I am proud to support her in sharing her inspirational light and hope that her story will bring peace to those still struggling.”

Mita Hans

CareMongering Founder

Toronto, On