AI should be like the coffee barista

AI should be like the coffee barista
You wish you had at home
Making you lattes and drawing pictures in the foam
We have created a generation of coffee makers elevated it to a fine art
And they all know the value of schmoozing their part
I’m going to make you love me is their motto
Or love me or leave me I’m just making this hard
If they take too long it’s for your own good
Solve the problem yourself,
Get over your own wealth.
We are stealth in the night like panthers
We are dancing the stars like dancers
Traipsing thru the hoods and the goods
And making each step its own treat
We are older than we seem and have vision
We’re seeking ourselves with derision
Everyone has to do their part
Learn it now
Make it make it make it make sense
On the fence
Sitting pretty
For lease or rent
I want it to make cents
On the dollar
The bitcoin
The bother
Everyone has to do their part
I’ve just got to crush some dreams real quick
Says the barista
Is your wife going to get your coffee today?
He shuffles over to read the paper.
What are we going to do?
Wringing our hands
And dragging our feet
Getting into situations
Of disaster and defeat
In the rain without boots
I’m a spoiled Canadian spoof